This page is under construction and represents a test to see if the radio broadcasts will work on the website. It is in rather rough format at the moment, but we hope to make it better and add many more broadcasts in the coming year.

Boston AGO Radio Broadcasts

Christa Rakich  –  Old West Church, Boston  –  Broadcast March 2, 2008

J.S. Bach: Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend

J.S. Bach: Von Gott will ich nicht lassen

J.S. Bach: Variations on Nun komm der Heiden Heiland

Carl Klein  –  The Mission Church, Boston  –  Broadcast March 9, 2008

Eugene Gigout: Scherzo in E

Louis Vierne: Andante & Finale from Symphony No. 1

Mary Preston – Christ Church, Cambridge, MA – Broadcast September 30, 2007

John LaMontaine: Evensong

Joseph Jongen: Sonata Eroica

Brian Jones – Allin Congregational Church, Dedham, MA – Broadcast Aug 12, 2007

Lefebure-Wely: Concert Bolero in G

Edward McDowell: A.D. 1620

Edwin Lemare: Toccata & Fugue in D Minor

Louis Vierne: Finale (Symphony No. 1)

John Finney – St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Wellesley, MA – Broadcast Aug 12, 2007

J.S. Bach: Variation on “O God, Thou Faithful God”

Charles Marie Widor: Allegro (Symphony No. 6)

Leo Abbott – Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston, MA – Broadcast Jan 6, 2008

Felix Mendelssohn: Sonata # 3, 1st Mvt

Charles-Marie Widor: Symphonie Romane, 1st Mvt

George Whiting: Concert Etude in D Minor

Andrew Shenton – University Chapel, Princeton University – Jan 13, 2008

J.S. Bach: Fantasia on “Nun komm der Heiden Heiland”

Georgy Mushel: Toccata

Joseph Bonnet: Concert Variations