Series II. Biographical papers, 1867-1953

Memoirs of T. Tertius Noble
Book I (189 pages)
Part I. England, Six Chapters
Chapter One. Bath (1867-1880)
Chapter Two. Colchester (1880-1889)
Chapter Three. London (1889-1890)
Chapter Four. Cambridge (1890-1892)
Chapter Five. Ely (1892-1898)
Chapter Six. York (1898-1913)
Part II. The United States, Two Chapters
Chapter One. New York (1913-1943)
Chapter Two. Rockport, Massachusetts (st.1943)
Book II (190-285 pages)
Part II. The United States (1913-1953)
Typescript, hardbound; additional text on separate leaf on p. 200
Five Biographical notebooks
I. Early days
II. Pages  41-86
III. Pages 81-120
IV. Pages 121-160
V. Pages 161-200 

Handwritten with handwriting pagination; additional two pages enclosed between pp.16-17; additional 4 pages of a smaller size enclosed between pp. 32-33. Total 46 pages.
Additional pages 59a and 59b of a smaller size enclosed
Autograph Album, 1892-1912

Contains notes, sketches, musical pieces, drawings, poems, cartoons, and music quotations of Bach and Schumann; 32 leaves