Web Catalog

Searching the Web Catalog

Name: Entering either the last name (or the last name followed by a comma and and first initial[s]) of a composer, editor, or arranger in the appropriate fields will recover all holdings composed, edited, or arranged by that individual. In the case of composers, all works will be listed, even those contained in collections with works by multiple composers. Clicking on the name of a collection will produce a list of everything in that collection.

Title: The specific title of a composition may be searched. Entering a generic title (e.g., Symphony) will bring up titles spelled “Symphonie” or “Sinfonie.” Not everything is covered by this feature: entering Die Kunst der Fuge will not necessarily identify publications entitled The Art of Fugue. Hymntunes may also be searched using this field.

Collection: This category includes (1) collections of pieces by a single composer and (2) collections of pieces by several composers published by an editor. Searching an editor’s name should retrieve a list of all the collections she/he edited. Searching the name of the collection will reveal the contents of the collection.  Many collections do not name an editor.   All collections have been completely indexed.

Series: Entering the title of a series (e.g., Orgue et Liturgie or Saint Cecilia Series) will indicate how many items in the series are in the Organ Library’s holdings. (Donations of missing items are most welcome.)

Hymntune: Entering the name of a hymntune or plainsong either in the “hymntune” or “title” field will retrieve all works based on that melody. The name may be entered directly in the box provided or searched from the alphabetical menu. Alternative titles or in some cases the first line of the hymn (e.g., “Amazing Grace”) have been cross-referenced.  Omit commas in the tune name.

Date of Publication: The number of records produced by a search may be limited by entering a date or dates in the boxes provided. Many published organ works do not include identify date of publication.

Manuals: A search may be limited to music that does not require the use of pedals.

Organ Plus: Selecting an instrument or an instrumental ensemble from the list will identify all pieces in the Library’s holdings for that instrument or instrumental ensemble with organ.


Other types of searches are possible by entering a name in the “title” box. The user could discover, for instance, how many pieces the Library owns with the word “dawn” in the title, or how many collections are identified as suitable for reed organ.