E. Power Biggs Digitized Recordings

Louis Claude Daquin – The Book of Noels, Side 1, I-VI
Played alternately by organ and the Consort of Viols
From C135 Broadcasts
OHS 016
Louis Claude Daquin – The Book of Noels, Side 2, VII-XII
Played alternately by organ and the Consort of Viols
From C135 Broadcasts
OHS 016
Talking Dog, Side 1
OHS 088
Talking Dog, Side 2
OHS 089
Rheinberger: Suite for Violin, Cello, and Organ
Pachelbel: Prelude, Fugue & Chaconne in D Minor
BSO members and EPB
[starts at 9:40]
OHS 041
Letter to Biggs Jan 20, 1957
[?from Dirk Flentrop?]
Spanish Reeds; “Classic” vs. “Romantic” organs; “Real Baroque” vs. not real baroque; slider chests & spring chests; German organ builders; mentions Beckarath, Marcusson; Organbuilding in the Netherlands – Schnitger
OHS 044
Sowerby Concert at Pops 1950
OHS 091
Handel: Organ Concerto, Opus 7 [No. 9 in B-flat Major]
[starts at 2:17]
OHS 095
Holiday for Harpsichord (trial run), Side 1
OHS 115
Handel Vol. II, Reel One
OHS 116
[Piano practice tape with metronome – unknown work]
OHS 117
Antonio Soler, The Six Double Organ Concertos, Side 1, I-III
One part recorded, one part live
From the CBS Broadcasts
OHS 144
Antonio Soler, The Six Double Organ Concertos, Side 2, IV-VI
From the CBS Broadcasts
OHS 143
Paul Hindemith, Concerto for Organ and Chamber Orchestra, of 14 Brass and Woodwinds
From CBS Broadcasts
OHS 159
[recorded from radio – no music, just a junk tape most likely]
OHS 165
Glass Harmonica at beginning (the rest is junk)
OHS 166
Broadcast from Harvard (G.D. Harrison Skinner)
Biggs Tribute to Albert Schweitzer
Six Chorale Preludes from Orgelbuchlein
Prelude & Fugue in G Major
(Biggs talks about Schweitzer at 14:00)
OHS 164
Carnegie Hall? (sounds like a practice tape for a concerto (several takes), then other pieces, ends with  Clarke – Trumpet Voluntary)
OHS 163
OHS 162: “Nov. 20”  (unknown reference)
OHS 161: AGO Night at the Pops at National AGO Convention in Boston
Sowerby Organ Concerto in C – Boston Pops (recording quality rather poor)
OHS 160: EPB 7/28/57:  (recorded tour of Germany, broadcast on WEEI, Boston; sounds like EPB recorded this from the radio – has news in the middle of the recording)
unknown snippets (sound like Reger or Karg-Elert?)
Buxtehude: Chaconne in D on Neuenfelde organ
Hindemith: Sonata No. 2 on Jakobikirche, Hamburg
Ends with EPB rehearsing announcements for another program: Cahmen 1730; Neuenfelde Schnitger; Steinkirche Schnitger 1685; Leufstrabruk Cahmen
OHS 158: also recorded from the radio (WEEI, Boston)
9:30 AM, Sunday 12/7 (year unknown)
“Music from Salzburg Cathedral”
Mozart: Epistle Sonatas for Organ and Strings (F Major & A Major, then 9 in F Major & 10 in D Major)
Eberlin: Toccata & Fugue in D Minor
OHS 157:another broadcast, but announcements missing for first part; could be the master tape or a copy of it.
Hindemith: Sonata I
Hindemith: Sonata II
Nicola Chedeville: Sonata for Oboe and Keyboard (has reverb)
OHS 156:  Hindemith Concerto for Organ and Chamber Orchestra, Opus 46, No.2  with Boston Symphony Orchestra, Richard Burgin, conductor
(starts at 4:00)
Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis for double string orchestra
(starts at 20:00, incomplete)
OHS 155: 
Organ Sonata in G Major: Allegro Maestoso – Edward Elgar  (at Busch-Reisinger Museum)(interrupted, taped over in spots by EPB and Peggy) 
[Lots of talking and noise]
Parry: Prelude on Melcombe (partial)
(15:00) Sonata for Flute and Keyboard –  Robert Woodcock, arr.  Karl Dolmetsch,  Philip Catlin, Flute
(interrupted many times by silences, probably repaired splices)
[tape reused – unidentified German guests]
[a speech about pipe scaling]
OHS 154:
Partita for English Horn and Organ – Jan Koetsier (English Horn player unidentified)
1. Liberamente
2. Larghetto
3. Vivace
4. Andante Sostenuto [Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern]

OHS 153
OHS 152
OHS 151
OHS 150
OHS 149
OHS 148
OHS 147
OHS 146
OHS 142
OHS 141
OHS 140
OHS 139
OHS 138
OHS 137
OHS 136
OHS 132
OHS 131
OHS 130
OHS 129
OHS 128
OHS 127
OHS 126
OHS 125
OHS 124
OHS 123
OHS 122
OHS 121
OHS 120
OHS 119
OHS 118
OHS 114
OHS 113
OHS 112
OHS 111
OHS 110
OHS 108
OHS 107
OHS 106
OHS 105
OHS 104
OHS 103
OHS 102
OHS 101
OHS 100
OHS 099
OHS 098
OHS 097
OHS 096
OHS 095
OHS 094
OHS 093
OHS 092
OHS 090
OHS 089
OHS 088
OHS 087
OHS 086
OHS 085
OHS 084
OHS 083
OHS 082
OHS 081
OHS 080
OHS 079
OHS 078
OHS 077
OHS 076
OHS 075
OHS 074
OHS 073
OHS 072
OHS 071
OHS 070
OHS 069
OHS 068
OHS 067
OHS 066
OHS 065
OHS 064
OHS 063
OHS 062
OHS 061
OHS 060
OHS 059
OHS 058
Herman Schreider – Preamble and Passacalia
Schumann – Sketches in C minor and D flat
Schumann – Canon in B minor
Poetry read and written by David McCord – Selections from Odds Without Ends
Bach – Festive prelude on Rejoice Greatly, Good Christians
Bach – Two settings on In Dulci Jubilo
OHS 057
OHS 056
Bach – Fantasia in G major
OHS 055
William Wheylan – Intro and Toccata in G major
Samuel Scheidt – Ach du Feiner Reiter
Buxtehude – Chorale Preludes:
-Now pray we to the holy spirit
-That altogether praise our God
-A mighty fortress is our God
OHS 054
Nielsen – Chorale Prelude
Benedetto Marcello – Sonata No. 4 in G minor for cello and keyboard
Vivaldi – Concerto Grosso in D minor
OHS 053
Bach – Fugue in C major (The Fanfare Fugue)
Leo Sowerby – Suite for organ, brass, and kettle drums
OHS 052
Invitation to Music Biggs Interview
OHS 051
OHS 050
T. Tertius Noble – Introduction and Passacalia in G minor
Cesar Franck – Chorale No. 3 in A minor
OHS 049
OHS 048
Christmas Eve Broadcast
Bach – Chorale Prelude on In dulce jubilo
Giuseppe Valentini – Christmas pastorale
Nicholas Lebegue – Short prelude on a traditional noel
Nicholas Lebegue – Les Cloches
Francesco Manfredini – Christmas concerto grosso
Louis-Claude Daquin – Grand Jeu et Duo
OHS 047
BSO Rehearsals of Johannes Brahms Tragic Overture and Third Symphony in F major, Serge Koussevitzky conducting
OHS 046
Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Bach – Suite No. 2 in B flat minor
Bach – Concerto No. 2 in F
Widor – Toccata from 5th symphony for organ
OHS 045
Joseph Rheinberger – Praeludium from Suite for violin and organ in C minor
Joseph Rheinberger – Monologue in C major
Mozart – Adagio for the glass harmonica
William Selby – A Lesson and a Voluntary
OHS 043
Thanksgiving Broadcast
Buxtehude – Toccata for organ and Symphonia with trumpets from Rejoice Now, Beloved Christians
Adriano Banchieri – Sonata in D minor and Sonata in F major
Telemann – Five movements from Hero Music
Bach – Chorale from Cantata No. 79 (Now Thank We All Our God)
OHS 042
OHS 040
Bach – Organ Works
OHS 038
Bach – Orgelbuchlein Vol. 1
OHS 037
Haydn – Concerto No. 1 in C major for organ and orchestra
Louis-Claude Daquin – Noel with variations for organ
Antonio Soler – Concerto No. 3 in G major for two keyboards and strings
OHS 036
Antonio Soler – Concerto No. 3 in G major for two keyboards
Francis Poulenc – Concerto for organ, strings, and timpani
OHS 035
Coronation Service of Queen Elizabeth II, 1952, Cont.
OHS 034
Coronation Service of Queen Elizabeth II, 1952, Cont.
OHS 033
Canzona Prima for instruments and organ
OHS 032
OHS 031
Antonio Soler – Concerto No. 3 in G major for two organs
Harold Franz – Prelude on psalm 110 (Omnipotens)
Mozart – Adagio for glass harmonica
Bach – Toccata and fugue in D minor
OHS 030
Coronation Service of Queen Elizabeth II, 1952
OHS 029
Interview of Biggs on the glass harmonica and related instruments
OHS 028
Torsten Sörenson – Suite from bavarium musicum
Chorale and Fugue
Prelude and Fugue
Hymn Improvisation
A suite of little pieces from the notebooks of Ana Magdalena Bach
3 Minuets
2 Marches
2 Chorales
OHS 027
Concerto for organ and orchestra by Haydn
OHS 026
OHS 025
OHS 023
Mozart – Adagio and Rando for glass harmonica
Mozart – Adagio in C minor
Mozart – Fugue in G minor
OHS 022
OHS 021
OHS 020
OHS 019
Johann Ernst Eberlin – Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Handel – Sonata for Oboe and Keyboard in C minor
Cor Kee – Partita on Jesus lives and we with him
OHS 018
OHS 017
OHS 016
OHS 015
William Selby – A Lesson
Jean-Xavier Lefevre – Sonata No. 3 in B flat major
Haydn – Coffee Chatter, Minuet, March
Anonymous – 5 verses from Te Deum
OHS 014
OHS 013
OHS 012
OHS 011
OHS 010
Handel – Organ Concerto No. 7 in B flat major
Bach – Prelude and Fugue in G major
OHS 009
Handel – Fifth Concerto in F major
Buxtehude – A Mighty Fortress
Handel – Sixth Organ Concerto in B flat major
OHS 008
Birthday Anniversary of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin – Suite for Strings
OHS 007
Easter Day, 1956
E. Power Biggs on Organ, Roger Voisin and Armando Ghitalla on trumpet, Charles Smith on kettle drum
Henry Purcell – A Westminster Suite, arranged by E. Power Biggs
-Voluntary in C major
-Voluntary on a Doxology
-Three Trumpet Tunes
-Trumpet Voluntary
OHS 006
Assorted Bach works
Played by Karl Weinrich
OHS 005
OHS 002
OHS 001: two takes of one of the parts of a Soler Concerto: EPB broadcast these with himself playing both parts, one pre-recorded and one live for the broadcast.  This could be EPB’s master for the prerecorded part.
Two more unidentified pieces with microphone way too close, and organ badly out of tune.  
Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary