M. Searle Wright


The musical estate and papers of M. Searle Wright (1918-2004) document his career as composer and performer. Contained in the collection are manuscripts of original composition in various media, recital programs, and weekly church bulletins. Mr. Wright served as director of music at St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University (1952-1971), and subsequently as professor of music at the State University of New York at Binghamton. He held various offices in the American Guild of Organists, most notably that of president (1970-71).

The collection, sorted by date and kind of record, is arranged in eleven series:

  1. Family, early life, early notes.
  2. Correspondence arranged by date, and in some cases, topic.
  3. Columbia University
    1. St. Paul’s Chapel service programs, 1952-1970
    2. Other Columbia University material
  4. Music directed by Searle Wright (three churches and the BC Pops).
  5. Recital programs, church services, and programs attended/collected by Searle Wright.
  6. Original compositions; scores, performances
  7. Recitals and programs not in other series, 1939-2000
  8. Teaching or lecture notes (Davidson College, Union Theological Seminary School of Sacred Music)
  9. American Guild of Organists
  10. Other professional organizations and theatre organ material
  11. Organ consulting