Current News

Periodicals Index begun (November 2023)

We have begun the challenging process of listing our periodicals by developing a spreadsheet with annotations.  It is very much still in-process, but a new page will be added to our website, with a downloadable spreadsheet in both Excel and PDF formats.

Sale Music
Most of the music for sale (duplicates from donations) is used and that the condition is reflected in the price.  Recently added to the “books” page: a copy of the original two-volume folio edition of Audsley’s The Art of Organ Building (1905).

Donations of Music
The Organ Library accepts some donations of organ music for incorporation into the permanent research collection.  Such donations are tax-deductible.  For more information see the “Donations of Music” page on the website, or contact the Librarian.

Max B. Miller (1927-2013)
One of the founders of the Organ Library was Max Miller, who served on the faculties of the School of Music and the School of Theology at Boston University for forty-two yeas until his retirement in 1991.  He was simultaneously University Organist, Director of Music at Marsh Chapel, Director of the Master of Sacred Music program, conductor of the Seminary Singers, and Professor of Organ in the School of Music.  In the mid-1950s, Max studied with the eminent Austrian virtuoso, Anton Heiller.  He received his Ph.D. from Boston University and was a Fellow of the American Guild of Organists.

For many years he wrote the “Ask Uncle Max” column for The American Organist. His columns were always the perfect blend of erudition and good musical sense.