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Author Title Price Copy
La Musique Sacree  au IIIeme Congres International de Musique Sacree de Paris 14
Adams, C. B. Our Moravian Hymn Heritage (pprbk)
Adkins, C. & Dickinson, A. Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology, January 1983-April 1984 (pamphlet)
Adkins, C. & Dickinson, A. International Index of Dissertations and Musicological Works in Progress: American-Canadian Supplement, 1979 (pamphlet)
American Guild of Organist Acoustics in Worship Spaces (pamphlet)
Anderson, E. Die Welt Albert Schweitzers (1955; scores of photographs, mostly Africa,
with essays by Eugene Exman and Stefan Zweig; hrdbk)
Anderton, H. O. Early English Music (hrdbk)
Apel, D. Historical Anthology of Music (folio hrdbk) copy 1
Apel, D. Historical Anthology of Music (folio hrdbk) copy 2
Appel, R. G. The Music of the Bay Psalm Book (pprbk pamphlet)
Archbold, L. and Peterson, W. J. eds. French Organ Music form the Revolution to Franck and Widor
Arnold, C. R. Organ Literature: A Comprehensive Survey Vol. 1
Arnold, C. R. Organ Literature: A Comprehensive Survey Vol. 2
Arnold, D., et. al The New Grove Italian Baroque Masters (pprbk) 5.00
Arnold, J. H. The Approach to Plainsong through the Hfooymn (pamphlet) 3.00
Association of American Choruses Drinker Library of Choral Music (catalog pamphlet)
Audsley, G. The Organ of the Twentieth Century (pprbk) 8.00 copy 1
Audsley, G. The Organ of the Twentieth Century (pprbk) 8.00 copy 2
Audsley, G. Organ Stops (pprbk) 12.00
Audsley, G. The Art of Organ Building (1905), 2 volumes.
This is NOT the Dover reprint but the large folio original edition;
deckel-edge pages bound in red cloth with gold lettering;
covers show signs of wear and fading; cover and spine of vol. 2 detached,
but binding tight; from the library of Edward Flint)
Bailey, A. E. The Gospel in Hymns
Baines, A. Musical Instruments Through the Ages (pprbk)
Bairstow, V. M. Memories of Eton College Choir School (pprbk)
Barber, D. A Musician’s Dictionary (pprbk) 2.00
Beeson, T. Round the Church in 50 Years: An intimate journey
Beeson, T. In Tuneful Accord: The Church Musicians
Benham, H. Latin Church Music, 1460-1575 (hrdbk)
Bennett, J. Forty Years of Music, 1865-1905 (hrdbk)
Benson, L. F. The English Hymn: Its Development and Use (hrdbk)
Berger, A. Copland (hrdbk) 6.00
Berlioz, H. A Treatise on Modern Instrumentation and Orchestration (hrdbk)
Blake, L. Pianoforte Voluntaries for Use in Schools (pamphlet)
Blake, A. F., & Neuls-Bates, C. Women in American Music: A Bibliography of Music and Literature (hrdbk)
Boalch, D. H. Makers of the Harpsichord and Clavichord, 1440-1840 (folio hrdbk)
Bock, L. & F. Creating Four-Part Harmony: Effective Ideas for Ministers of Music (pprbk)
Bonds, M. E. Wordless Rhetoric: Musical Form and the Metaphor of Oration (hrdbk)
Bornefeld, H. Orgelbau und Neue Orgelmusik (pamphlet) 2.00
Boult, A. C. & Emery, W. The St. Matthew Passion: Its Preparation and Performance (hrdbk pamphlet)
Bramley, H. R. & Stainer, J. Christmas Carols New and Old (hrdbk)
Breed, D. R. et al. Religious Music of the World (hrdbk)
Broder, N. Samuel Barber (hrdbk)
Brown, A. P. Carlo D’Ordonez 1734-1786: A Thematic catalog (hrdbk)
Brown, D. Thomas Weelkes: A Biographical and Critical Study (hrdbk)
Brown, H. M. Music in the Renaissance (pprbk) 6.00
Buchardt, A. Organist-og Kantorembederne (pprbk) 20.00
Buchi, E. B. The Volunteer Chorister: A Combined Study Outline of the Basic Principles of Proper Singing with Illustrative Exercises (pamphlet)
Bukofzer, M. F. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music (hrdbk)
Burgess, F. The Organ of Fifty Years Hence: A Study Gathered from its Past History & Present Tendencies (pamphlet)
Burk, J. N. Mozart and His Music (hrdbk)
Burney, C. A General History of Music, Vol. 1 & 2 (hrdbk)
Burtis, H. Sing on!  Sing on!: A Guide to the Life-Long Enjoyment of the Voice for Singers and Teachers of the Vocal Art (pprbk)
Canmer, J. The Great Instrumentalists in Historic Photographs: 274 Portraits from 1850 to 1950 (pprbk)
Charles, S. R. A Handbook of Music and Music Literature in Sets and Series (hrdbk) 8.00
Chase, G. America’s Music, revised second edition (hrdbk) 10.00 copy 1
Chase, G. America’s Music, revised second edition (hrdbk) copy 2
Chorley, H. F. Modern German Music: Recollections and Criticisms, Vol II (hrdbk)
Church Hymnal Corporation Hymnal Studies 2: Introducing the Hymnal 1982 (pprbk)
Church Hymnal Corporation Hymnal Studies 3: Teaching Music in Small Churches (pprbk)
Clark, K. C. A Selective Bibliography for the Study of Hymns 1980 (pamphlet)
Clarke, H. L. John Blow, A Tercentenary Survey (pamphlet)
Clarke, J. L. Music in Churches: Nourishing Your Congregation’s Musical Life (pprbk)
Clercx, S. Le Baroque et la Musique, essai d’esthetique musicale (pprbk) 5.00
Closson, E. History of the Piano (hrdbk)
Clucas, H. Taking Stock: The First Sixty Years
Collins, F. The Production of Medieval Church Music-Drama (hrdbk)
Cooke, D., Becker, H., Clapham, J., Sams, E. The New Grove Late Romantic Masters: Bruckner, Brahms, Dvorak, Wolf (pprbk)
Couperin, F. L’Art de toucher le Clavecin (Die Kunst das Clavecin zu spielen) (The Art of playing the Harpsichord)
Criswell, P. D. The Episcopal Choir School and Choir of Men and Boys in the United States: Its Anglican Tradition, Its American Past and Present (pprbk dissertation)
Culver, C. Musical Acoustics, Second edition (hrdbk)
Cummings, W. H. Purcell (hrdbk)
Curley, C. In the Pipeline: Memoirs of an International Concert Organist
Dakers, L. Making Church Music Work (prbk)
Daniel, R. T. The Anthem in New England Before 1800 (hrdbk)
Dart, T. The Interpretation of Music (hrdbk)
Davison, A. T. Words and Music (pamphlet)
Da Silva, Owen Mission Music of California (folio hrdbk)
Decker, H. A. & Herford, J. Choral Conducting: A Symposium (hrdbk)
DeVenney, D. P. Early American Choral Music (pprbk)
DeVinney, R. There’s More to Church Music than Meets the Ear (pprbk)
DeWolfe Howe, M. A. The Boston Symphony Orchestra: an Historical Sketch (hrdbk, 1914 edition)
DeWolfe Howe, M. A. The Boston Symphony Orchestra: an Historical Sketch (hrdbk, 1931 semicentennial edition)
Day, T. Why Catholics Can’t Sing
Deiss, L. Spirit and Song of the New Liturgy (pprbk)
Dent, E. J. Handel (hrdbk)
Deutsch, O. E. The Schubert Reader: A Life of Franz Schubert in Letters and Documents (hrdbk)
Dickinson, E. The Study of the History of Music (hrdbk)
Dickinson, H. & C. Excursions in Musical History (hrdbk)
D’Indy, V. Beethoven: A Critical Biography (hrdbk)
Donington, R. The Instruments of Music (pprbk)
Douglass, F. The Language of the Classical French Organ: A Musical Tradition Before 1800 (hrdbk)
Dunlap, K. Vocal Chamber Music: A Performer’s Guide (hrdbk)
Dupré, M. Raconte… (pprbk)
Dürr, A. Performance Practice of Bach’s Cantata (pamphlet)
Eggebrecht, H. H. Die Orgelbewegung (pprbk)
Einstein, A. Mozart: His Character, His Work (hrdbk)
Ellerhorst, W. Handbuch der Orgelkunde, 2 vol. (pprbk)
Emery, W. Bach’s Ornaments (hrdbk)
Engel, C. Musical Instruments (hrdbk)
Essex Institute 1635-1985 Newbury, Newburyport, West Newbury: 350th Anniversary Essays (pprbk)
Etherington, C. L. Protestant Worship Music: Its History and Practice
Fallou, R. & DuFourcq, N. Essai d’une Bibliographie de l’Historie de l’Orgue en France (pamphlet)
Faust, O. C. A Treatise on the Construction, Repairing and Tuning of Organs (ppbk) copy 1
Faust, O. C. A Treatise on the Construction, Repairing and Tuning of Organs (hrdbk) copy 2
Fellerer, K. G. Orgel und Orgelmusik (hrdbk)
Fellowes, E. H. The English Madrigal Composers (hrdbk)
Fellowes, E. H. Orlando Gibbons and His Family: The Last of the Tudor School of Musicians (hrdbk)
Ferguson, H. Keyboard Interpretation (pprbk)
Feschotte, J. Albert Schwitzer: An Introduction (hrdbk)
Fesperman, J. T. Early Organs on Nantucket (pamphlet)
Fesperman, J. T. A Snetzler Chamber Organ of 1761 (pamphlet)
Fischer, H. & Wohnhaas, T. Süddeutsche Orgeln aus der Zeit vor 1900 (pprbk)
Fischer-Dieskau, D. Schubert’s Songs: A Biographical Study (pprbk)
Foort, R. The Cinema Organ, 2nd Ed.
Forbes, E. The Choral Music of Beethoven (pamphlet)
Forkel, J. N. Johann Sebastian Bach His life, art, and work
Forsyth, C. Progressive Series: History of Music
Fortunato, C. Children’s Music Ministry: A Guide to Philosophy and Practice (pprbk)
Foss, H. Ralph Vaughan Williams (hrdbk)
Foster, M. B. Anthems and Anthem Composers (hrdbk)
French Protestant Church of Charleston Lliturgie, ou Manière de célébrer (pamphlet)
Freyse, C. Bachs Antlitz (pamplet)
Friis, N. Buxtehude hans by og hans orgel (pamphlet)
Fromm, H. The Key of See: Travel Journals of a Composer (hrdbk)
Fuller-Maitland, J. A. A Door-Keeper of Music (hrdbk)
Gailit, M. Das Orgelsoloschaffen von Frans Schmidt (pprbk)
Geck, M. Johann Sebastian Bach: Life and Work
Geiringer, K. Brahms: His Life and Work (pprbk)
Geiringer, K. Haydn: A Creative Life in Music (pprbk)
Gergelyi, O. & Wurm, K. Historické organy na Slovensku: Historische Orgeln in der Slowakei (hrdbk) copy 1
Gergelyi, O. & Wurm, K. Historické organy na Slovensku: Historische Orgeln in der Slowakei (hrdbk) copy 2
Giesecke, C. & Sohn Zungenstimmen (hrdbk)
Giesecke, C. & Sohn Zungenstimmen/Reed Stops (English & German, hrdbk)
Gilbert, H. Gilbert’s Manual for Choir-Loft and Pulpit (hrdbk)
Giles, G. O Clap Your Hands: A Musical Tour of Sacred Choral Works
Gillespie, J. Five Centuries of Keyboard Music: An Historical Survey of Music for Harpsichord and Piano (hrdbk)
Gillman, F. J. The Evolution of the English Hymn (hrdbk)
Gleason, H. Music Literature Outlines, Series I: Music in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (pprbk)
Gleason, H. Music Literature Outlines, Series III: American Music from 1620-1920 (pprbk)
Gleason, H. Method of Organ Playing, 4th Edition (hrdbk folio)
Gleason, H. Method of Organ Playing, 5th Edition (hrdbk folio) copy 1
Gleason, H. Method of Organ Playing, 5th Edition (hrdbk folio) copy 2
Gleason, H. & Becker, W. Music Literature Outlines, Series I: Music in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, 3rd Edition (pprbk)
Gleason, H. & Becker, W. Music Literature Outlines, Series IV: 20th-Century American Composers, 2nd Edition (pprbk)
Gleason, H. & Becker, W. Music Literature Outlines, Series V: Chamber Music from Haydn to Bartok, 2nd Edition (pprbk)
Goodenough, C. L. High Lights of Hymnists
Goodrich, W. Syllabus of the Course of Lectures upon the Ritual Music of the Protestant Episcopal Church (hrdbk)
Goss, M. Modern Music Makers (hrdbk)
Grabner, H. Die Kunst des Orgelbaues (hrdbk)
Grace, H. The Organ Works of Bach (pprbk)
Grace, H. The Organ Works of César Franck (pamphlet)
Grace, H. The Training and Conducting of Choral Societies (pamphlet)
Gregorian Institute of America Gregorian Institute of America informational booklet (pprbk spiral
Grout, D. J. A History of Western Music, third edition (shorter)
Grunfeld, F. V. World of Culture: Music (hrdbk)
Guest, G. A Guest at Cambridge
Haacke, W. Orgeln in aller Welt/Organs of the World/Orgues du monde entier (German, English, and French; pprbk)
Hadden, J. C. Haydn (hrdbk)
Hadow, W. H. English Music (hrdbk)
Hall, W. H. The Essentials of Choir Boy Training (hrdbk)
Hammond, F. Girolamo Frescobaldi: His Life and Music
Hansl, E. & Kaufmann, H. Minute Sketches of Great Composers
Harder, P. O. Harmonic Materials in tonal music: a programed course, Part I (pprbk)
Harter, J. Music: A Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts & Engravings (book of copyright-free illustrations, pprbk)
Headington, C. Britten (hrdbk)
Heermans, H. The Stick: Music the Hard Way (pprbk)
Hensel, S. The Mendelssohn Family, 1720-1847, Vols. 1 & 2 (hrdbk)
Herz, G Bach-Quellen in Amerika/Bach Sources in America (German & English, pprbk)
Herz, G. Bach Cantata No. 4, Norton Critical Edition (pprbk)
Herz, G. Bach Cantata No. 140, Norton Critical Edition (pprbk)
Heskes, I. Studies in Jewish Music: Collected Writings of A. W. Binder
Hildesheimer, W. Mozart (pprbk)
Hindemith, P. A Composer’s World: Horizons and Limitations (hrdbk)
Hines, R. S. The Composer’s Point of View: Essays on Twentieth-Century Choral Music by Those Who Wrote It (hrdbk)
Hinton, J. W. Organ Construction (hrdbk)
Hodeir, A. Since Debussy: a view of contemporary music (pprbk)
Hofmann, E. H. The Dresden Kreuz Chor (hrdbk)
Holbrooke, J. Contemporary British Composers (hrdbk)
Holden, D. J. The Life and Work of Ernest M. Skinner
Hollis, H. R. Pianos in the Smithsonian Institution (pamphlet)
Honegger, A. I Am a Composer (hrdbk)
Hoover, C. A. Harpsichords and Clavichords (pamphlet)
Hoover, C. A., Rucker, P., & Good, E. M. Piano 300: Celebrating Three Centuries of People and Pianos (pprbk)
Howard, J. T. Our Contemporary Composers: American Music in the 20th Century (hrdbk)
Howard, M. Thine Adversaries Roar
Hubbard, F. Three Centuries of Harpsichord Making (hrdbk)
Hughes, R Haydn (pprbk)
Hunt, R. Harmony at the Keyboard (folio pprbk)
Huntington, Owen, Pinel, & Walsh Johnson Organs: 1844-1898
Hurd, M. Vaughan Williams
Hussey, D. Mozart (hrdbk)
Hymn Society in the U.S. and Canada Meeting House Essays, number 2: Acoustics for Liturgy (pamphlet)
Idelsohn, A. Z. Jewish Music: In Its Historical Development (hrdbk)
Ingrams, M. D. Organizing and Directing Children’s Choirs (hrdbk)
Ives, C. Essays Before a Sonata (pprbk)
Jackson, R. United States Music: Sources of Bibliography and Collective Biography (pprbk)
Jacobs, A. Arthur Sullivan: A ‘colourful and judicious’ portrait of W. S. Gilbert’s remarkable partner (pprbk)
Jacobs, R. K. The Children’s Choir (hrdbk)
Jacobs, R. K. The Successful Children’s Choir (pamphlet)
Jacobs, R. L. & Skelton, G. Wagner Writes from Paris: Stories, Essays and Articles by the Young Composer (hrdbk)
James, H. A Catalogue of the Musical Works of Philip James (1890-1975) (hrdbk)
Jeans, J. Science & Music (hrdbk)
Jeans, S. The Easter Psalms of Christ’s Hospital (pamphlet)
Jeppsen, K. Natalicia Musicological (pprbk)
Jeppsen, K. The Style of Palestrina and the Dissonance (pprbk)
Johnson, D. N. Organ Teacher’s Guide (pamphlet)
Johnson, H. E. Hallelujah, amen!: The Story of the Handel and Haydn Society of Boston (hrdbk)
Johnson, J. L. Roman Oratorio, 1770-1800: The Repertory at Santa Maria in Vallicella (hrdbk)
Johnson, L. J. The Mystery of Faith: The Ministers of Music (pprbk)
Joint Commission on Church Music (Episcopal Church) Music for Funerals (pamphlet)
Joint Commission on Church Music (Episcopal Church) Music for Funerals (pamphlet)
Joint Commission on  Church Music (Episcopal Church) Report of the Joint Commission on Church Music, 1922 (pamphlet)
Joint Commission on  Church Music (Episcopal Church) Report to General Convention, 1961 (pamphlet)
Joint Commission on  Church Music (Episcopal Church) Service Music and Anthems (pamphlet) copy 1
Joy, C. R. Music in the Life of Albert Schweitzer (hrdbk)
Judith, M. Square Notes: A Workbook in Gregorian Chant (pprbk)
Kaupenjohann, R. Sigfrid Karg-Elert Werkverzeichnis (pprbk)
Kendall, A. The World of Musical Instruments (hrdbk)
Kennedy, R. G. American Churches (folio hrdbk)
Kettring, D. D. Steps Toward a Singing Church (hrdbk)
Kinkeldy, O Orgel und Klavier in der Musik des 16 Jahrhunderts (pprbk copy)
Kinscella, H. G. Americana Index to the Musical Quarterly (1915-1957) (pprbk)
Kirchner, G. Der Generalbass bei Heinrich Schütz (pprbk)
Kleemann, G. Die Orgelmacher und ihr Schaffen im ehemaligen Herzogtum Württemberg (pprbk)
Klotz, H. Das Buch von der Orgel (pprbk)
Kobald, K Franz Schubert and his times (hrdbk)
Koch, C. The Organ Student’s Gradus ad Parnassum: Book 1, The Elements of Interpretation (hrdbk)
Kolnes, S. J. Norsk Orgelregister (1328-1992) (pprbk)
Kostka, S. Materials and Techniques of Twentieth-Century Music, 2nd edition
Kostka, S. & Payne, D. Tonal Harmony, 3rd Edition
Krapf, G. Organ Improvisation: A practical approach to chorale elaborations for the service
Kraus, E. Orgeln und Orgelmusik (hrdbk)
Krebs, S. D. Soviet Composers and the Development of Soviet Music (hrdbk)
Kroeger, K. Moravian Music Foundation Publications No. 7: A Moravian Music Sampler (pamphlet)
Kupferberg, H. The Mendelssohns: Three Generations of Genius (pprbk)
de La Grange, H-L Mahler, Vol 1 (hrdbk)
Landon, H. C. R. Essays on the Viennese Classical Style: Gluck, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven (hrdbk)
Landowska, W. Music of the Past (hrdbk)
Lang, P. H. George Frideric Handel (hrdbk)
Lang, P. H. One Hundred Years of Music in America (hrdbk)
Lawrence, J. E. & Ferguson, J. A. A Musician’s Guide to Church Music (hrdbk)
Lefkowitz, M. William Lawes (hrdbk)
Lester, J. Analytic Approaches to Twentieth-Century Music (hrdbk)
Levarie, S. Guillaume de Machaut (hrdbk)
Liemohn, E. The Chorale: Through Four Hundred Years of Musical Development as a Congregational Hymn (hrdbk)
Liturgical Conference The Book of Catholic Worship (hrdbk)
Loesser, A. Men, Women & Pianos (pprbk)
Loewenfeld, H. Leonhard Kleber und sein Orgeltabulaturburch (pamphlet)
Loftis, D. C. The Hymn Index, Vol 1 (1949)-Vol 2 (1981) (pprbk)
Long, K. Music: A Dissertation Bibliography (catalog pamphlet)
Lovelace, A. C. The Youth Choir (pamphlet)
Lowens, I. Music and Musicians in Early America (hrdbk)
Lowens, I. Music in America and American Music (pamphlet)
Luckett, R. Handel’s Messiah: A Celebration (hrdbk)
Lutz, Christian Orgues en Alsace du Nord (18e Congres de La FFAO 9-13 juillet 2001)
Mackey, D. L’Orgue: à notre époque (pprbk, from McGill University Symposium, 1981)
Maitland, J. A. F. English Music in the XIXth Century (hrdbk)
Maitland, J. A. F. Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians in five volumes, 1927 ed. (hrdbk)
Marcuse, S. Musical Instruments, A Comprehensive Dictionary
Marietta Singing the Liturgy: A practical means of Christian living (hrdbk)
Marrocco, W. T. & Sandon, N. The Oxford Anthology of Music: Medieval Music (folio pprbk)
Maryland Handel Festival Program for 1985 festival (pamphlet)
Mason, D. G. Beethoven and His Forerunners (hrdbk)
Mason, D. G. From Grieg to Brahms (hrdbk)
Mason, D. G. The Romantic Composers (hrdbk)
Mason, D. G. Tune In, America: A Study of Our Coming Musical Independence (hrdbk)
Mather, B. B. Interpretation of French Music from 1675-1775 for Woodwind and Other Performers (folio pprbk)
Matthews, D. Keyboard Music (hrdbk)
Mayer, F. D. & Sacher, J. The Changing Voice (pamphlet)
McCabe, J. E. Handel’s Messiah: A Devotional Commentary (pprbk)
McCutchan, R. G. Our Hymnody: A Manual of the Methodist Hymnal (hrdbk)
McKinnon, J. Music in Early Christian Literature (hrdbk)
McRae Directing the Children’s Choir: A Comprehensive Resource (hrdbk)
Mead, R. H. Doctoral Dissertations in American Music: A Classified Bibliography (pprbk)
Mees, A. Choirs and Choral Music (hrdbk) copy 1
Mellers, W. Music in a New Found Land (pprbk)
Mendl, R. W. S. The Divine Quest in Music (hrdbk)
Merian, W. Die Tabulaturen des Organisten hans Kotter copy 1
Merian W. Die Tabulaturen des Organisten hans Kotter copy 2
Minor, A. C. Music in Medieval and Renaissance Life: anthology of vocal and instrumental music, 1200-1614
Mocquereau, A. Le Nombre Musical Grégorien, ou Rythmique Grégorienne (pprbk)
Moerner, O. W. Better Music in the Church (pprbk)
Morehen, J. English Choral Practice: 1400-1650 (hrdbk)
Moscheles, I. Recent Music and Musicians (hrdbk)
Moser, H. J. Heinrich Schütz: His Life and Work (hrdbk)
Moshansky, M. Mendelssohn: his life and times (hrdbk)
Mould, A. The English Chorister, A History
Münger, F. Choralbearbeitungen für Orgel (hrdbk)
La Musique Sacre 3rd congres international de musique sacree de Paris  (Revue Musical) 14.00
Myers, R. M. Handel’s Messiah: A Touchstone of Taste (hrdbk)
Near, John Richard The Life and Work of Charles-Marie Widor (DMA Dissertation 1985, Boston University) 10.00
Nef, K. An Outline of the History of Music (hrdbk)
Nichols, G. W. The Cincinnati Organ (pprbk) copy 1
Nichols, G. W. The Cincinnati Organ (pprbk) copy 2
Nicholson, S. H. Church Music (hrdbk)
Niland, A. Introduction to the Organ (hrdbk) copy 1
Niland, A. The Organ at St. Mary’s, Rotherhithe (pamphlet)
Norden, H. The Technique of Canon (hrdbk)
Ogasapian, J. K. Church Organs: A Guide to Selection and Purchase (pprbk)
Ortiz, D. Tratado de glosas sobre clausulas y otros generos de puntos en la musica de violones, Roma 1553 (pprbk, landscape)
Ottman, R. W. Music for Sight Singing, 3rd edition (pprbk, spiral)
Owen, Wm. (ed.) A Life in Music: Conversations with Sir David Willcocks and friends
Paine, G. Five Centuries of Choral Music: Essays in Honor of Howard Swan (hrdbk)
Pape, U. Do Orgeln der Stadt Wolfenbüttel (pprbk)
Parker, A. Melodious Accord (pprbk)
Parrish, C. & Ohl, J. F. Masterpieces of Music Before 1750: An Anthology of Musical Examples from Gregorian Chant to J.S. Bach (hrdbk)
Parrish, C. The Notation of Medieval Music (hrdbk)
Parry, C. H. H. The Oxford History of Music, Vol. III: The Music of the Seventeenth Century (1902 hrdbk)
Alfred Nash Patterson Foundation for the Choral Arts Choral Societies in New England: A Directory (pamphlet)
Pauly, R. G. Music in the Classic Period (pprbk)
Peabody, M. Music Resources for Worship Planning (pamphlet)
Phillips, C. S. Hymnody Past and Present (hrdbk)
Pirro, A. Johann Sebastian Bach: The Organist and His Works for the Organ $30.00
Platt, N. Making Music
Polin, C. C. J. Music of the Ancient Near East (hrdbk)
Porter, H. B. Keeping the Church Year (pprbk)
Pratt, W. S. The History of Music: a handbook and guide for students (hrdbk)
Pratt, W. S. The Music of the Pilgrims (pamphlet)
Prunières, H. Nouvelle Historie de la Musique, Vol. 1 & 2
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